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Austin, USA

6 December 2018

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New York, USA

30 April 2019

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London, UK

11 & 12 June 2019

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About The Lead Developer

The Lead Developer was designed with the needs and pain points of technical team leads in mind. We programme each conference around our three key themes of Team, Tech & Tools. The talks are designed to help very practically with common problems in these areas.

Watch 100+ videos from past conferences on developing yourself and your team.

Previous years

New York, USA 2018
Austin, USA (March 2018)
New York, USA 2017

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Meet Meri Williams, Chair of The Lead Developer
Meet Meri Williams, Chair of The Lead Developer

10 January 2018

The Lead Developer conference chair, Meri Williams, is a geek, a manager, and a manager of geeks. She’s a CTO and consults through ChromeRose, helping digital and technical teams be brilliant.
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