Tech Leadership and Management Workshops

As you move into a new role as a senior individual contributor or tech team lead you're faced with new challenges and the need to learn a new skill set.

We've teamed up with industry renowned leaders to help you level up your communications, management and leadership skills.

You can find workshops alongside our conferences in London, Austin, and New York, and a number of standalone workshops throughout the year.

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Be a brilliant people developer

Host: Meri Williams (CTO, Monzo | Conference chair & co-curator, The Lead Developer)

People are hard, so why are they called “soft skills”? Much like technical skills, there is both science and art, theory and experience, to becoming good at leading, managing, coaching, mentoring & developing people. In this workshop, you'll look at some of that theory, share experiences and boost your ability to develop yourself and others.


  • 7 June - London, United Kingdom
  • 10 June - London, United Kingdom (Sold out)
  • 13 September - London, United Kingdom

Share your work

Hosts: Katel LeDû (CEO, A Book Apart) and Sara Wachter-Boettcher (Principal, Rare Union)

Whether you want to express your ideas in a blog post, book, conference talk, or during a team meeting, sharing your thoughts isn't easy. Katel and Sara team up to share the knowledge, tools and feedback you need to confidently and authentically express your ideas as a tech leader.


Demystifying management

Host: Lara Hogan (Co-founder, Wherewithall)

When you switch from an individual contributor role to a manager role, you might find yourself floating in a sea of uncertainty. What does success look like as a manager? How do you know if you’re doing a good job or not, with such a long feedback loop between your actions and their outcome? Lara helps you articulate what you uniquely bring to management and practise a tonne of leadership skills.


  • 26 April - New York, USA (Sold out)
  • 29 April - New York, USA
  • 10 June - London, United Kingdom

Tech Lead skills for Developers

Host: Pat Kua (Chief Scientist, N26)

Congratulations! You’re now a Tech Lead? But what are you supposed to do differently than when you were just a software engineer? In this course, you'll explore the definition of a Tech Lead, understand the different skills required to be an effective Tech Lead and learn some tools that you can immediately apply in your own team.